RULES - P.I.P. Award /Plaque (english) 

                               P.I.P.   PORTUGUESE ISLANDS PLAQUE

This Plaque Award is sponsored by: ODXG, OESTE DX GANG, Association

                                   P.I.P. - RULES

The Portuguese Islands Plaque program, aims to increase the interest of all Amateurs Radio and SWL`s with Portugal CT, Azores CU and Madeira CT3 Islands.

This Plaque is issued to any licensed Amateur station and SWL`s, that make proof to have contacted or heard with a minimum of 25 (twenty five) amateurs stations on different islands.

This Plaque is made in aluminium on two colour,15cm x 20cm and is confirmed with a base of wood.

The contacts made with amateurs stations operating from islands count from January 01, 1985.

Every Portuguese islands active before is valid for this Plaque, (P.I.P.)

The references for this Plaque, are classification by six (6) different groups:

NT - Islands North of Tejo ; TJ - Island of Tejo ; ST - Islands South of Tejo ;

AC - Islands of Azores ; MD - Islands of Madeira Is; XX - Islands of Macao .

( the contacts with islands from Macao, only valid to 20/Dec/1999)

Will be issued endorsement for 10 new islands confirmed. The endorsement are free, the interested applicants must send a certified list and a SASE or SAE and 1 IRC.

To the DX-operators will be credit the respective operation references.

This Plaque is conferred only on HF (SSB,CW and MIXED) the list be certified by official Amateur Radio organization, or DX association, or by two Amateurs, in any case the Plaque Manager can request the QSL cards for verification, if needed.

10º All applications must be sent to the Portuguese Islands Plaque Manager.

Payment possible by: PayPal  (email:

P.I.P. Manager: CT1FMX 




2530-267  LOURINHà -  PORTUGAL 

. E-mail:

The cost of this Plaque will be:

25,00 Euros to  Portugal, Açores e Madeira.

35,00 Euros to  Europe.

40,00 Euros ou $45,00 USD outside Europe.

Note: These prices already include shipping

Last update:  16-May-2020

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